Sports & Event Marketing

Our sports marketing experience began with an enormous challenge: to lower the average age of King Oscar Sardine’s consumer base. With that simple premise, we undertook on the company’s behalf a nation-wide sports marketing campaign that effected just that goal. By sponsoring such events as the Boston Marathon and PGA Tour tournaments– and creating media opportunities around each event - the King Oscar brand has seen its market share grow by double-digits over the last ten years, even as the overall category continues its seemingly inexorable slide downward.

In late 1998, we read on an online calendar that a local race promoter was creating something called The Race Across California, and our event marketing practice was born. The promoter, Envirosports, awarded our firm the publicity contract for the event, and by late 1999, we had delivered coverage in the Associated Press, CNN, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Los Angeles Times and nearly a dozen network affiliates in California.

In short order, we added the Beast of the East and other adventure races such as Expedition BVI and the Subaru Primal Quest to our roster, and the practice continues to be a robust part of our success. We are currently beginning work on one of the most popular multisports races in the country, the Muddy Buddy Series, and anticipate similar success.

As an outgrowth of this work, we created and implemented the only trail race in San Francisco in 2001: the King Oscar Presidio Trails 10k and 5k. Dubbed “sadistic, yet spectacular” by Sports Illustrated and “an instant classic” by the San Francisco Chronicle, the race attracts more than 600 trail running enthusiasts each year.