Crisis Communications

We can't name names in this most sensitive of PR challenges. But we have led our clients through many a rough patch over the course of our careers.

There was the lending institution accused of predatory lending practices. The contaminated food products. The sexual harassment case. The very public suicide of a distraught employee. The disastrous quarterly earnings report. The failure of not one but five law firms.

We also presided over the communications surrounding the first fatality in American adventure racing, a practice we hope not to repeat.

In every case, we applied both common sense and advanced public relations techniques. We advise our clients with broad thinking, clear strategy and close support in weathering tough times. We buffer them from aggressive media and create well-crafted positioning to explain their sides. “Spin” is often used as a derogatory word for this practice - we prefer to simply think of it as telling the truth with the best possible adjectives.