It’s been 3 months since I took a dive into the unknown, crossing the pond to live and work in the United States. I’m happy to report that so far the gamble has paid off and I am loving every minute of it! San Francisco and London are both great cities but very different.

I certainly can’t complain about my commute to work these days. The sweaty central and northern tube lines can’t compete with the views I get every morning as I cross the Golden Gate Bridge. I am working in Sausalito, where the only traffic to deal with is the constant stream of tourists, cycling over to see the beautiful scenery for themselves.

The one constant is I’m still working in the industry I love, Sports PR. Sure the media landscape is different and there are a whole load of new names and brands that I amgetting to grips with but the concept is still the same. I get to work for great brands who are as passionate about what they bring to the Outdoor Sports Industry, as I am talking about them! And where better to work in the outdoor industry than Northern California where every possible activity is pretty much on your doorstep. Weekends are never dull with hikes and surfing suddenly becoming regular activities for me. I already can’t wait for the winter when skiing can become a weekend trip rather than an expensive holiday in the Alpes!

As a huge sports fan I am enjoying the passion the bay area has for competition. Sport is a great window into different cultures and I’m certainly finding that here. From a young age in the UK it’s ingrained in you that taking part is more important than winning. I soon learnt that wasn’t the case over here as I witnessed the closing stages of a Little League Baseball game. A ball was hit high under the floodlights and a young lad took a solid catch to secure the win, then chaos ensued! His teammates, coaches and even some of the more passionate parents piled on top of him like he had just won them the World Series. In the meantime, their opposition left the field distraught. There was no English school boy awkward Cricket handshake where the winners look almost embarrassed for what they have done. As I was watching I couldn’t help thinking how many World Cups the England Football team could have already won if we had taken a similar approach at youth level!   

In just 3 months I have already learnt a great deal out here and am loving the California lifestyle, enjoying myself far too much to go home just yet… You won’t catch me saying soccer anytime soon!